Monday, 4 November 2013

Art Class - Working with photos

I taught my regular Art Class at Southlands and the class was based on perspective.
Thanks to the 8 people who came along. It was nice to have such positive feedback and I really enjoyed teaching class. You all produced some beautiful work.
Before the class I prepared some paintings and gathered some pictures together for you all to work from...


Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn Exhibition 2013

I handed my paintings to Southlands Art Centre yesterday.  I will be exhibiting at Southlands from Saturday 5th September 11am then 2pm till 6pm every day until 19th October. You are welcome to come along and see the Paintings, Pottery, Wood-turning and Craftwork.

Southlands Art Centre has lots of grounds and they are open to the public, so as well as viewing the arts and crafts you can take a walk in the surrounding area. I hope you enjoy the exhibition.
I also teach art classes at Southlands Art Centre and when its nice weather we take the classes outside. Come and join us for our next class on Thursday 26th  September. View my website for details on classes, exhibitions and to see my work

Monday, 12 August 2013

Medieval Festival 2013

The last place we exhibited was at the Medieval Festival in Ruislip. It was a fun day and nice to see the community getting together. There was one sale on this exhibit, thanks to the person who bought this painting. Also thanks to all those who came along on the day to have a look at the art work.